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FAM Stackers

FAM stacking machines are primarily used to fill bulk materials into stockpiles or to create various types of blending beds serving for homogenization of materials with different properties.

In longitudinal stockyards the most common are rail-mounted mobile stackers. The discharge booms of these stackers are often slewable and/or can be raised and lowered.

In circular stockyards (or circular blending beds), the stacker is positioned in the center so that it can pivot. The material is fed from the conveyor bridge located above the stockyard directly in the stacker´s axis of rotation.


Selected References

Customer: E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH

Project: Power Plant Datteln

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Stacker ST2250.41
2x Portal scraper KP1150
1x Shiploader SL250.13SX
Conveyor system coaling and gypsum/coarse ash

Material / Output:
Hard coal 2250 t/h


Customer: Grosskraftwerke Mannheim

Project: Power Plant Mannheim

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Stacker ST1000.46
2x Portal scraper KP1000.65
1x Wagon thawing station WTU51.3
1x Wagon unloading WUL45.1000
1x Shear roller crusher SWB0715

Material / Output:
Coal 1000 t/h


Customer: Maaden Bauxite & Alumina Comp.

Project: Iron and Steel Works Maaden

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Stacker ST4000.29
2x Bridge-type reclaimer with bucket wheel BSR1000.44

Material / Output:
Bauxite 1000 t/h

Saudi Arabia

Customer: Anglo American Brazil

Project: Stockyard Boa Vista

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Stacker ST450.27
2x Bridge-type reclaimer KB344.35
1x Tripper car TC1000

Material / Output:
Niobium ore 450 t/h


Customer: E-On Benelux N.V.

Project: Power Plant Maasvlakte

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Stacker ST2250.39
1x Portal scraper KP1150.54
1x Shiploader SL330.15
1x Pipe-conveyor PC400x540
1x Truck Unloading TUL9.330

Material / Output:
Coal 2250 t/h; FGD-gypsum 250 t/h; wet ash 50 t/h


Reliability. Sustainability. Capability.