Conveying. Reclaiming. Foresighting.

FAM Semi-portal Scrapers

In the FAM designed semi-portal scrapers, the portal spans a stockpile that has a lateral or peripheral retaining wall.

One rail track is located at the foot of the stockpile and the opposite track supporting the portal end is located in a raised position on the retaining wall of the stockpile.

Semi-portal scrapers are also employed in circular stockyards. In this design, the portal is supported on one side by a ball-bearing slewing ring at the center column and on the other side by an undercarriage on a ring rail.


Selected References

Customer: LCC EuroChem-Volgakaliy

Project: Fertilizer Plant Gremachinskiy

Delivery and scope of service:

4x Semi-portal scraper KH1150.33

Material / Output:
Sylvinite 1150 t/h


Customer: K+S Potash Canada

Project: Port Installation Port Moody

Delivery and scope of service:

2x Semi-portal scraper KH4000/3200.36

Material / Output:
Potash 4000 t/h


Customer: Handan Steel & Iron Group

Project: Steel Works Handan

Delivery and scope of service:

6x Semi-portal scraper KH1500.30

Material / Output:
Iron ore 1700 t/h


Conveying. Reclaiming. Foresighting.