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FAM Ship Loader

When selecting and designing a shiploader, the quality and properties of the bulk material, local conditions, performance parameters and environmental requirements play a decisive role.

With these aspects in mind, FAM engineers determine the most effective and cost-efficient handling principle while minimizing operational and maintenance requirements. The loading system must fit in the port infrastructure and match current and future vessel sizes.

That’s why FAM has developed a variety of different loading systems.

  • stationary shiploaders
  • mobile shiploaders mounted on rails
  • quadrant radial-type shiploaders
  • shiploaders with gravity spiral chute for loading bagged goods

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Selected References

Customer: GAP Insaat

Project: Port Garabogaz

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Belt conveyer BC1400x2771
1x Belt conveyor BC1400x695
1x Belt conveyor 800x62
1x Shiploader SL1200.31.D.H

Material / Output:
Urea 1200 t/h


Customer: OIS Indorama Port Ltd.

Project: Port Onne

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Shiploader SL900.23DX
1x Portal scraper KP900.47
1x Truck unloading TUL13.100
Various belt conveyor technology

Material / Output:
Urea 900 t/h


Customer: Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation

Project: Port Bohol

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Shiploader SL1200.17/23,5 OL

Material / Output:
Limestone 1200 t/h


Customer: Carbones del Cerrejon Ltd.

Project: Port Puerto Bolivar

Delivery and scope of service:

2x Shiploader SLRQ6600.56/27 OX

Material / Output:
Coal 6600 t/h


Customer: AMMC ArcelorMittal Mines Canada

Project: Port Cartier

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Shiploader SL8800.25EK

Material / Output:
Iron ore 8800 t/h


Customer: LLc Riga Fertilizer Terminal

Project: Port Riga

Delivery and scope of service:

2x Shiploader SL1900.44

Material / Output:
Urea 1900 t/h


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Ship loader - What is a ship loader?

Ship loader are large machines located at ports that are used for loading bulk materials onto ships. Ship loader can be stationary or mobile, e.g. mounted on rail and are designed project specific to suit all individual project requirements. In most cases, a shiploader is combined with conveyors, truck loaders and feeding systems.


Why FAM ship loader?

Shiploader are essential for port handling and the global shipping industry. They must be reliable, cost effective and individually fitted for all specific project needs to provide the biggest advantage and a huge cost reduction. The FAM Group combines a long history, expertise, quality, tradition and provides highest engineering skills. FAM ship loaders are the best solution for the highest demands. Our loading systems are able to cover the widest range of applications, always very cost efficient, reliable and with low maintenance needs. FAM can also deliver all additional needed technology for ship loading and port handling like conveyor, truck loader, truck unloader, feeder, ship unloader and more. FAM covers the complete range needed for loading systems with best integration and individually fitted for your specific project needs.