Moving. Receiving. Mobilizing.

FAM Transport Crawlers

In opencast mining, heavy equipment sometimes has to be relocated over unpaved, uneven or soft terrain without having the inconvenience of dismantling and reassembling components such as drive and take-up stations of shiftable belt conveyors, which do not have their own drive.

Our transport crawlers make it easy to relocate such equipment in one piece safe and time- efficiently.


FAM transport crawlers are characterized by the following features:

  • Low overall height while maintaining the required ground clearance
  • Optimized dimensions, compliance with the permissible ground pressure
  • Power supply by a diesel engine and hydrostatic drives of the crawlers and the platform
  • Sufficient drive power to overcome large roadway inclines, declines and corners
  • Easy loading of the components to be transported by the height-adjustable platform
  • Faster driving speed when unloaded to move to desired location


Selected References

Customer: Fernas Insaat A.S.

Project: Opencast Mine Tufanbeyli

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Transport crawler TR200
Working load 200 t


Customer: Minera Escondida Ltd. / BHP Billiton

Project: Leach Pad Escondida

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Transport crawler TR110
Working load 110 t

Material / Output:
Copper oxide 4200 t/h


Customer: EPS Electric Power Ind.

Project: Opencast Mine Tamnava-West

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Transport crawler TR500
Working load 500 t


Moving. Receiving. Mobilizing.