Mobile. Semi-mobile. Stationary.

FAM In-Pit Crushing Systems

What are the distinguishing features of a modern opencast mine?

The first thought that comes to mind are enormous mass flows, flexible conveying line designs, multi-functionality of the machines and systems being operated. But is it technically possible to combine all these requirements in one compact system? Yes, our solution with mobile in-pit crushing and conveying systems is the answer of FAM.

FAM in-pit crushing plants are used to reduce the size of hard materials for their further transport by conveyors. The crushed overburden is delivered onto the belt conveyor of the crusher’s discharge boom which transfers it further to the mobile conveyor bridge.


Selected References

Customer: OCP S.A. - Office Cherifien des Phosphates

Project: Semimobile In-Pit Crushing System Halassa

Delivery and scope of service: 

2x Crawler-mounted spreader ST1050.31U
2x Tripper car TC1200
2x In-pit crushing system SMCP2300

Material / Output:
Phophat ore 2300 t/h; overburden 1050 t/h


Customer: China Coal Technology & Engineering Group

Project: In-Pit Crushing System Angren

Delivery and scope of service: 

3x In-pit crushing system FZWB2025 on crawlers
3x Crwaler-mounted conveyor bridge MCB5250.1TW
4x Belt wagon on crawlers

Material / Output:
Overburden 5250 t/h


Customer: Portuaria Otway Ltda.

Project: In-Pit Crushing System Invierno

Delivery and scope of service: 

2x In-pit crushing system SCP1500
1x Feeding hopper AT150x7,5
2x Belt conveyor stationary GF1800x25

Material / Output:
Coal 1500 t/h


Mobile. Semi-mobile. Stationary.