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FAM Crawler-Mounted Spreaders

FAM spreaders mounted on crawlers are utilized in opencast mines for the last step in the continuous dumping process.

The FAM assortment includes slewable spreaders mounted on crawlers in:

  • two-piece design with a spreading part and an intermediate conveyor,
  • one-piece design with a feed bridge for conveying capacities of up to 20.000 m³/h and a direct disposal spreader with an oversized discharge boom of up to 196 m for direct tilting of the overburden


Selected References

Customer: Antofagasta Minerals S.A.

Project: Leach Pad System Centinela

Delivery and scope of service: 

3x Crawler-mounted spreader ST2063.45
1x Tripper car TC129
1x Long distance conveyor LDC1219x1275
14x Belt conveyor mobile GF1219x38

Material / Output:
Copper ore 2063 t/h


Customer: OCP S.A. - Office Cherifien des Phosphates

Project: Semimobile In-Pit Crushing System

Delivery and scope of service: 

2x Crawler-mounted spreader ST1050.31U
2x Tripper car TC1200
2x In-pit crushing system SMCP2300

Material / Output:
Phosphat ore 2300 t/h; overburden 1050 t/h


Customer: Minera El Tesoro S.A.

Project: Leach Pad El Tesoro

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Crawler-mounted spreader ST2900.30
1x Long distance conveyor LDC1067x1576
1x Hopper car TW2743.8
1x Cable reel car on rails KW750KC
1x Belt conveyor shiftable GF1067x414

Material / Output:
Leached copper ore 2900 t/h


Customer: China Coal Technology & Engineering Group

Project: In-Pit Crushing System Angren

Delivery and scope of service:

1x spreader ST12100.60 on crawlers

Material / Output:
Overburden 12100 t/h, 8100 m³/h


Customer: OJSC Mordovcement

Project: Opencast Mine Wankinskij

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Crawler-mounted spreader ST1700.140
2x Belt wagon on crawlers BW1200.20/30
2x In-pit crushing system FPB1314-20/13.5

Material / Output:
Overburden, chalk 1700 t/h


Robust. Versatile. Direct.