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FAM Apron Feeders

FAM designed apron feeders are generally used to remove material from under hoppers, which are typically built from steel or concrete and sit directly above the apron feeders.

The conveying part which carries the material consists of pan strands composed of individual pan links. The line of pans is pulled on two parallel chain strings which through deep hardening of the chain links and targeted heat treatment of the pins and bushings create an extremely break and wear resistant chain.   

The pans are attached to the chain links. The gap between adjacent plates is closed by a seal in such a way that no material can escape even when driving around the tumbler.


Selected References

Customer: Suncor Energy

Project: Fort Hills Surge Facility

Delivery and scope of service:

3x Apron feeder AF3400x22
1x Feeding hopper AT8750x45
2x Belt conveyor stationary GF2439x400
3x Belt conveyor stationary GF1829x290/315

Material / Output:
Oil sand 3x7260 t/h


Customer: Jacobs U.K. Ltd.

Project: Loading and Unloading Station Sadara

Delivery and scope of service:

2x Apron feeder AF3000x9
1x Side scraper KS60.20
2x Truck unloading TUL9.330
12x Belt conveyor

Material / Output:
Salt 630 t/h

Saudi Arabia

Customer: Sierra Leone

Project: In-Pit Crushing System Tonkolili

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Apron feeder AF2000x15,5
1x Feeding hopper AT200x10,2
1x Double roller crusher ZWB2015HS
1x Roller screen RR1328
1x Belt conveyor - Discharge conveyor AGF2000x70 
1x Long distance conveyor LDC1400x2375

Material / Output:
Hematite duricrust 3500 t/h

Sierra Leone

Aprons. Chains. Strength.