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FAM Wagon Thawing Plants

At low temperatures, residual moisture inside the freight wagons can cause the bulk material to harden and stick to the wagon walls which creates difficult or even impossible unloading situations.

In order to prevent this, FAM wagon thawing systems are often used to heat the wagon walls and underbody before unloading. This process will minimize or completely eliminate material unloading difficulty. For this purpose, the trains slowly move through a special hall which, depending on its length, can accommodate and heat several wagons at the same time. The heat radiation is generated either by electrical radiators, natural gas burners, or superheated steam in heat exchangers.


Selected References

Customer: Grosskraftwerke Mannheim

Project: Power Plant Mannheim

Delivery and scope of service:

2x Wagon thawing plant WTU51.3
1x Stacker 1000.46
1x Portal scraper KP1000.65
1x Wagon unloading WUL45.1000
1x Shear roller crusher SWB0715

Material / Output:
Coal 1000 t/h


Customer: LLC Black Sea Gate Terminal

Project: Port Yuzhny

Delivery and scope of service:

2x Wagon thawing plant WTU83,5x6
2x Wagon unloading WUL12,5x1800
2x Train loading WL420x2850

Material / Output:
Coal, pellets, ore concentrate 1800 t/h


Customer: ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG

Project: Coke Plant Schwelgern

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Wagon thawing plant WTU54x2
1x Wagon unloading WUL28x1000
1x Stacker ST1000.40
1x Tripper car TC1400
1x Bridge-type reclaimer KB700.63T
2x Roller screen
2x Impact hammer mill OHM1620MVD
1x Vertical coneveyor VC800.160-S
1x Rotary feeder RF10.6x6.2

Material / Output:
Coking coal 1000 t/h


FAM – Transportation. Thawing. Tailored.