Form. Accumulate. Measure.

FAM Truck Loading and Unloading

The processes of loading trucks and railway wagons are similar: they are often filled with materials from bunkers or silos. While bunkers of various sizes are used to store bulk materials only for a short time, large silos serve to store these materials over longer periods.

Bunkers are often required as buffers between continuous and discontinuous conveying systems. The fastest and easiest way of loading is by gravity when the bulk material just falls into the vehicle cargo hold through the opened bunker gate. However, this is only possible in the case of easy-flowing materials such as grain, lump coal or certain building materials.


Selected References

Customer: Enel Servizi S.r.l.

Project: Coaling Installation Power Plant Brindisi

Delivery and scope of service:

4x Truck unloading
20x Belt conveyor

Material / Output:
Hard coal 3000 t/h


Customer: E-ON Benelux N.V.

Project: Power Plant Maasvlakte

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Truck unloading TUL9.330
1x Portal scraper KP1150.54
1x Shiploader SL330.15
1x Pipe-conveyor PC400x540
1x Stacker ST2250.39

Material / Output:
Coal 2500 t/h; FGD-gypsum 250 t/h; wet ash 50 t/h


Customer: Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG

Project: Port Leverkusen

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Truck loading TL5.250

Material / Output:
Hard coal 250 t/h


Customer: Vereinigte Schweizerische Rheinsalinen

Project: Processing Plant Riburg

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Truck loading TL16.200
1x Circular stacker-reclaimer CST300/400.86
1x Wagon unloading WUL16.300
7x Belt conveyor

Material / Output:
Salt 200 t/h


FAM – Form. Accumulate. Measure.