Relocation. Means. Progress.

FAM Drive Stations

An open pit mine is a complex dynamic facility composed of many large mobile units and powerful conveyor systems, which are regularly and completely moved in line with the mining operation.  

Conveyor lines are relocated with the help of so-called shifting crawlers. Drive stations, as well as take-up and deflection stations of very long conveyor systems often form independent units, which also have to be moved.

For this purpose, FAM developed very powerful drive stations mounted on skids or driven crawlers, which run in synchronism with the return process of the conveyor system. If they are not equipped with own crawler tracks, FAM specially designed transportation crawlers are deployed to lift and move the entire station.


Selected References

Customer: Vattenfall Europe Mining AG

Project: Opencast Mine Reichwalde

Delivery and scope of service:

3x Drive station on crawlers ATS2000

Material / Output:
Overburden 15500 t/h


Customer: JSC Eurasian Energy Corporation

Project: Opencast Mine Vostochny, Ekibastus 

Delivery and scope of service:

4x Drive station ATS1800
4x Belt conveyor stationary GF1800x190-522

Material / Output:
Coal 6090 t/h

2014 - 2018

Customer: Wanbao Mining Co., China

Project: Opencast Mine Wanbao 

Delivery and scope of service:

2x Drive station on crawlers ATS1800
2x Crawler-mounted conveyor bridge MSB6500.7TC
4x Tripper car
2x Bekt conveyor slewable GF1800x800M

Material / Output:
Copper ore 6500 t/h

2014 - 2018

Relocation. Means. Progress.