Storing. Buffering. Filling.

FAM Bunkers and Silos

Bunkers and Silos

Trucks or railway wagons are often loaded with bulk materials from bunkers or silos.

While FAM bunkers of various sizes are used to store bulk materials for a short time, large FAM silos serve to store these materials over longer periods.

Bunkers are often required as buffers between continuous and discontinuous conveying systems.



To our main product line counts design, engineering, manufacturing, assembling and installation of automatic sampling systems for bulk materials, such as coal and ore.
With an integrated engineering department and in-house flexible manufacturing capacities, SIGMA offers handling and conveying equipment, components and individual machines according to international standards and individual specifications of clients.
Our in-house capability includes design and engineering, electrical and process control engineering, manufacturing, assembling, installation and commissioning.

Selected References

Customer: LAB GmbH

Project: FGD-Plant Power Plant Paroseni

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Silo SI960
1x Truck unloading TUL9.32
1x Feeding hopper At30x3,8
1x Apron feeder AF1800x9
1x Belt conveyor stationary GF650x11
1x Impact hammer mill PHM0804M
2x Ball mill Sbc220x400
1x Chain conveyor - Drag bar feeder TKF1000x7,1
1x Vertical conveyor VC250.250

Material / Output:
Limestone 32 t/h


Customer: IHI Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Project: Power Plant Maritza East 2

Delivery and scope of service:

3x Silo SI600
1x Stacker ST300.20
2x Side scraper KS150
2x Impact hammer mill PHM1212M
3x Ball mill NBc360x850
9x Belt conveyor stationary

Material / Output:
Limestone 150 t/h


Customer: Vattenfall Europe Generation

Project: Power Plant Hamburg / Moorburg

Delivery and scope of service:

2x Silo SI250
1x Circular stacker-reclaimer CST55/1000.68
1x Pipe-conveyor PC500x479
2x Chain conveyor - Drag bar feeder TKF800x36
2x Belt conveyor stationary
1x Truck Loading TL9.300

Material / Output:
FGD-gypsum 1000 t/h; wet ash 300 t/h


Storing. Buffering. Filling.