Coronavirus information

Information of the FAM Management Board on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Dear Partners and Customers,

The developments around the SARS-CoV-2 virus have created a lot of uncertainty world-wide. Germany is of course no different. Many companies have already started feeling the effects of the virus.

Like you and everyone else, we are leaving no stones unturned to adapt to the rapidly evolving situations. The health and safety of our partners and employees are of utmost priority to us. We are responding in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines of the local authorities, wherever in the world we are currently operating...

Together Against Corona!

FAM has developed a number of preventive measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. The health and safety of our employees, as well as the cooperation with our clients all over the world remain our top priorities.

Here some of our measures to guarantee more safety at work:

  • installation of a task force that continuously assesses the current situation at all sites and initiates necessary measures
  • additional hygiene and behavioral rules as preventive measures
  • our employees are constantly made aware of such measurements as social distancing, masking requirements and hygiene through notices, signposting and permanent communication via monitors in the administration and production areas 
  • regular safety briefings to raise awareness among our employees
  • reduction of meetings and business travel to a necessary minimum
  • use of digital technologies for meetings
  • working in home office


Furthermore, we follow the recommendations of the local authorities and strictly adhere to the specified safety and hygiene measures.

Because only together we are able to protect our health, society, and the economy.

Let’s defeat the Coronavirus together!

Our colleagues from FAM America Latina, Chile demonstrates the measures taken by them to fight Covid-19 in a short 2:30 min video.

We are doing our best to flatten the curve. We hope you are taking care of yourselves too.

BHP Minerals Americas / HoP Pampa Norte

Recognition of FAM employees for a successful campaign regarding measures against COVID-19- pandemic, as well as the entire FAM Group as the reliable partner in the project "New conveyor bridge" 041-CV-015" at the leach pad system of Minera Spence, Chile.

Corona self-test for FAM employees

We want to live up to our responsibility - for our colleagues and their families. For our customers and business partners, who rely on us.

FAM offers rapid coronavirus tests on a weekly basis for employees working in the office - of course voluntarily and free of charge!

As long as there is no widespread vaccination protection, providing our people with the tests is one of the most effective ways to combat the spread of coronavirus at the moment.

Together. Against. Corona