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Industry 4.0 – More Than Just Digitalization

The globalization process imposes high requirements on the products and services provided by manufacturing companies. The relatively recent term “Industry 4.0” was introduced in 2011 as a future project in the “High-Tech Strategy” originated by the Federal Government of Germany and has since become an internationally indispensable keyword that dominates political, economic and scientific processes worldwide.

Regardless of whether we are talking about “Industry 4.0” or the “Internet of Things / IoT”, the progressive digitalization is recognized on a global scale, not least because the fourth industrial revolution is associated with untapped potential and a significant competitive advantage in all industrial sectors.

What do we at FAM mean by these keywords?

Digitization and Process Automation

Digitization and process automation solutions have long become standard in the FAM Group designs allowing our customers to produce safely and flexibly. Depending on customer requirements, we provide semi-automatic and fully automated systems and machines, such as scrapers, spreaders, ship loaders, bucket wheel excavators etc., which:

  • Are equipped with 2D / 3D scanner technology (for example, laser, radar, image recognition) and can detect the environmental, stockpiling and collision hazards;
  • Automatically position themselves using GPS Coordinate Control and monitor the material transfers;
  • Collect data, evaluate and communicate with the control room;
  • Automatically monitor the limits of the critical components using installed sensors, generate forewarning and warning signals, and, if necessary, automatically stop them.


Before the control technology is delivered to customer, intensive Advanced Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are conducted to ensure that security and functionality are first tested in a virtual environment.


Stockpile Management

The processing of materials with widely varying properties (chemical compositions or grain sizes) requires thorough homogenization in order to effectively carry out downstream processes.

As more and more raw materials come from the world’s most diverse deposits, companies in the relevant industries need to continuously identify and process different quantities, types and properties of the materials supplied. This slows down the uniform processes and requires the stockpile loading and unloading to be performed using the most modern methods and technologies.

The FAM Smart Storage System serves for the optimization of the material handling with the following advantages for the customer:

  • Meeting of high requirements on accurate bulk material management: securing of single-sort material unloading or constant mixing proportions;
  • Supporting of the operation personnel in the strategically sensible use of the storage space;
  • Coupling with downstream systems, such as material flow management systems in power plants;
  • Possibility of evaluation of historical data via archive and statistical functions.


The FAM Smart Storage solution originates from a single source: machines (mechanics and electrics), technology, interaction and organization.



The FAM tele-service solution is designed to provide remote access to the control technology of the equipment in order to support and maintain the plant control programs using advanced communication techniques.


  • Operating of systems and machines with high efficiency and prime availability;
  • Enabling plant operators or service providers to organize condition-based maintenance;
  • Transmitting of data for evaluations performed by specialized service staff.



  • Preparing of long-term diagnoses;
  • Identifying, localizing, and analyzing of malfunctions sources;
  • Remote access trouble-shooting to avoid plant standstill;
  • Providing of data on a plant’s current condition and information on its complete history;
  • Updating of technical information on plant operation and maintenance.



  • Increase of plant availability;
  • Reduction of maintenance costs;
  • Extension of the equipment life cycles;
  • Oversight and transparency in the equipment operating data;
  • Provision of prompt and specific information for maintenance and service work.

FAM – Focused. Advanced. Multifaceted.