Accuracy. Reliability. Power.

FAM Solutions for Power Plants – Ensuring of Round-the-Clock Power Production

Of all the different electrical power plants worldwide, thermal power plants account for the largest share of electricity production, which is the primary energy source of modern society. Power generation plants require immense continuous bulk materials handling systems, which belong to the core competencies of the FAM Group.

Regardless of whether the materials get mined or delivered by ship, train, truck, they are efficiently recovered, unloaded, conveyed, stored and processed by FAM plants. The uninterrupted power supply is at the top of the list, guaranteed by FAM systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year anyplace in the world.

Climate change is the defining issue of our time around the planet. FAM is aware of the environmental concerns and develops efficient machines and systems that contribute to the environmental protection.


Selected References

Customer: E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH

Project: Power Plant Datteln

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Stacker ST2250.41
2x Portal scraper KP1150
1x Shiploader SL250.13SX
Conveyor system coaling
Conveyor system gypsum/coarse ash

Material / Output:
Hard coal 2250 t/h



Customer: EFT Rudnik i Termoelektrana Stanari D.O.O.

Project: Power Plant Stanari

Delivery and scope of service:

1x Semi mobile in-pit crushing system
5x Belt conveyor

Material / Output:
Lignite 1000 t/h



Customer: EVN - Vietnam Electricity

Project: REA-Installation Power Plant Marubeni

Delivery and scope of service:

2x Ball mill SBc220x400

Material / Output:
Limestone 8 t/h



Customer: RWE Power AG

Project: Coaling Installation Power Plant Hamm / Westfalen

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Ship unloader GUL1000.13KG
2x Pipe-conveyor PC400x385
18x Belt conveyor

Material / Output:
Hard coal 1000 t/h



Customer: E-ON Benelux N.V.

Project: Coaling Installation Power Plant Maasvlakte

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Portal scraper KP1150.54
1x Stacker ST2250.39
1x Shiploader SL330.15
1x Pipe-conveyor PC400x540

Material / Output:
Coal 2250 t/h; FGD-gypsum 250 t/h; wet ash 50 t/h



Accuracy. Reliability. Power.