Handle. Store. Homogenize.

FAM in the Building Material Industry – Flexibility and Sustainability for a Common Future

Diverse building materials are absolutely essential for most construction projects, such as housing construction or long-term infrastructure installations.

Sand, gravel, clay, limestone, gypsum, building rubble, etc.: the list of building materials that FAM supplies equipment for is very long. Gypsum and limestone works, quarries, glass factories and recycling plants are the operation sites where our solutions and machines have proven to be highly efficient and reliable.

We at FAM are right in the process. Challenge us!


Selected References

Customer: Knauf Engineering GmbH

Project: Gypsum Works Bundaberg

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Hammer mill with seperator SHM1410-D

Material / Output:
Natural gypsum 16 t/h



Customer: OOO Fels Izvest

Project: Limekiln Tovarkovo

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Double roller crusher ZWB0608MS-H

Material / Output:
Burnt lime 70 t/h



Customer: DTEC Engineering & Consulting GmbH

Project: Glass Works JSC Gomelglass

Delivery and scope of service: 

1x Portal scraper KP550.45

Material / Output:
Sand 550 t/h



Handle. Store. Homogenize.