Frameworks. Solids. Welding.

Steel Construction

In our steel fabrication facility welded machine frames, large and medium-size steel structures can be manufactured.

  • Solid steel structures or framework structures of up to 100 t piece weight

    • Assembly on leveled plate areas
    • Flame straightening after welding process
    • 2D / 3D linear measurements


  • Welding procedures MAG-, WIG-, MIG-, Bolt-, E-, and Innershield-welding
    • Certificate class E
    • Welding supervision by certified engineers
    • Welding effort performed by qualified welders



Frameworks. Solids. Welding.

FAM in the Metallurgy – Competent Solutions for Machinery and Plant Engineering

How would mankind thrive without metallurgy?

Whether for steelworks or recycling plants, anode factories or coking facilities, FAM supplies suitable machinery and plants for a multitude of various processes necessary to ensure efficient manufacturing of metal end products from raw materials like steel production.

The FAM portfolio for metallurgy includes extensive storage equipment, conveying technology and appropriate screening and crushing plants.