Keeping. Steel. Clean.

Primary Treatment

In order to increase the quality of cutting and welding effort, the incoming steel sheet blanks and profiles get sand-blasted.

  • Manual steel shot blast-cleaning for element sizes of up to 25 x 8 x 5 m
  • Continuous automatic steel shot blast-cleaning for lengths of up to 14 m
    • Sheet width of up to 2,500 mm
    • Profiles up to IPB 450 mm
    • Pipes up to Ø 450 mm
  • Ensuring the standard degree of cleanliness Sa2.5 acc. to DIN EN ISO 12944-4


Keeping. Steel. Clean.

FAM in the Cement Industry – Expert in Handling, Crushing and Transporting

It goes without saying that concrete or cement-bound building material is the foundation of modern building culture. The cement industry influences the design of building infrastructures and shapes the appearance of our society.

The FAM Group offers handling and processing technology for the cement industry, which meets the high standards on the quality and availability of the products. Complete stockyard systems, loading and unloading equipment, crushers, mills, apron feeders, roller screens, and many other solutions are available from FAM for any application.