Painting. Coating. Protecting.

Corrosion Protection

The finished assemblies and steel parts can be provided in our paint shop with a steel coating and temporary corrosion protection if requested by customer.

Surface pre-treatment
  • Ensuring the standard degree of cleanliness of Sa2,5 to Sa3 acc. to DIN ISO 12944-4 by steel shot / slag blasting

Wet-coating systems
  • Airless wet coating (atomization of the paint without compressed air, only via material pressure)
  • Air mix (atomization of the paint with compressed air)
  • Electrostatic (charging of the spray paint particles, magnetic attraction to the work piece)
  • Component dimensions of up to 25 x 7,8 x 5,4 m
Powder pre-coating
  • Components of up to 700 kg with forced drying, degrea-sing, zinc phosphatizing, passivation for (serial) parts
  • Powder coating machine for (serial) parts in automatic and manual mode, with continuous iron / zinc phosphatizing

Powder coating
  • Continuous flow system for iron and zinc phosphatizing
  • Component dimensions of up to 6 x 0,9 x 1,9 m
  • Item weight of up to 800 kg


Painting. Coating. Protecting.

FAM in the Fertilizer Industry – Always at the Heart of Production

The fertilizer industry is a part of the agricultural chemical industry which provides plant nutrients to facilitate higher crop yields. From the technical side, our plants are always at the heart of the production for potash fertilizers, NPK fertilizers, organic fertilizers, mineral fertilizers, and nitrogen fertilizers.

Various fertilizer plants around the world prepare the raw materials using FAM supplied processing technology (crushers, mills, screening machines).