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FAM Industry 4.0 – More than just Digitalization

The globalization process imposes high requirements on the products and services provided by manufacturing companies. The relatively recent term “Industry 4.0” was introduced in 2011 as a future project in the “High-Tech Strategy” originated by the Federal Government of Germany and has since become an internationally indispensable keyword that dominates political, economic and scientific processes worldwide.

Regardless of whether we are talking about “Industry 4.0” or the “Internet of Things / IoT”, the progressive digitalization is recognized on a global scale, not least because the fourth industrial revolution is associated with untapped potential and a significant competitive advantage in all industrial sectors.

Digitization and process automation solutions have long become standard in the FAM Group designs allowing our customers to produce safely and flexibly.

Depending on customer requirements, we provide semi-automatic and fully automated systems and machines, such as scrapers, spreaders, ship loaders, bucket wheel excavators etc., which:

  • are equipped with 2D / 3D scanner technology (for example, laser, radar, image recognition) and can detect the environmental, stockpiling and collision hazards
  • automatically position themselves using GPS Coordinate Control and monitor the material transfers
  • collect data, evaluate and communicate with the control room
  • automatically monitor the limits of the critical components using installed sensors, generate warning and alarm signals, and, if necessary, automatically stop them
  • are integrated into intelligent management systems for planning, controlling and tracking of extraction and handling tasks

With our digitalization portfolio, we ensure progress of machines and systems in a wide range of industries.

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Smart Bulk Material Handling

The primary goal of the FAM Group, as a reliable partner for our customers, is to meet our customers' expectations, specific challenges and project goals quickly, flexibly and with highest quality. The digital transformation in industry is nowadays also influencing bulk material handling in ports and industrial facilities. The requirements for maximizing material throughput, as well as of the plant availability continue to increase. For this reason, intelligent systems for controlling, monitoring and optimizing of the material flow have largely become standard in new plants. With our expertise in this area, we can supply the right technologies for your plant in order to meet the demands placed on it.

Existing plants can also be upgraded to meet the requirements for the new technologies. In this field, FAM offers the complete portfolio from consulting and planning to the project realization.

Remote Solutions

Digital solutions are gaining enormously in importance and are also providing innovation input to the traditional service. Communication options have also changed radically.

True to our slogan "FAM – More Than Just a Machine Manufacturer", we have developed solutions that offer numerous benefits for plant users and operators.

Learn more about how FAM meets the unique requirements regarding availability and operational safety of machines and plants, and support the operating and maintenance personnel.


Digital Engineering

Digital transformation is currently shaping the world. Processes, products and services are being fundamentally re-sorted and given a new dimension through the massive use of software technologies.

FAM is an agile, modern and internationally established company that deals with the continuous use of digital methods and tools not only in everyday business, but is also able to offer core competencies in bulk material handling and system know-how on a qualitatively new level. 


Handle. Digital. Now.

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Digital Engineering

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