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Smart Bulk Material Handling

The primary goal of the FAM Group as a reliable partner is to meet our customers' expectations, specific challenges and project goals quickly, flexibly and with highest quality.

The digital transformation in industry is nowadays also influencing bulk material handling in ports and industrial facilities. The requirements for maximizing material throughput as well as of the plant availability continue to increase. For this reason, intelligent systems for controlling, monitoring and optimizing of the material flow have largely become standard in new plants. With our expertise in this area, we can supply the right technologies for your plant in order to meet the demands placed on it.

Existing plants can also be upgraded to meet the requirements for the new technologies. In this field, FAM offers the complete portfolio from consulting, planning to the project realization.

Our Digital Products and Services

In order to survive on the world market, bulk material processing plants must meet high requirements regarding economic efficiency and availability. Longer existing plants often cannot meet these requirements due to outdated technology and missing sensor technology. In such cases, it could be reasonable to carry out technical modernization.

In many cases, modernization is considerably less expensive than the purchase of a new plant. Our specialists examine and evaluate every individual case to find the best solution for you.

Professional automation of mining equipment improves quality, increases throughput and leads to savings in production costs.

Coupling with our IoT 4.0 technologies enables provision and processing of production and technological data of the plant. The analysis of these digital data is the key to significantly increase the plant productivity.

The extraction of bulk materials as well as further location change with the help of technical means, the conveying machines and handling systems, is as old as mankind. Systems for bulk material transport between the individual processing stations must guarantee the high degree of availability. An interruption can result in the entire downstream production process being stopped. To ensure the required availability and high material throughput, the use of IoT technologies has already become standard in this field.

By combining various FAM-packages, we develop and implement solutions tailored to your plant.

The FAM Smart Storage System (Stockpile Management System) was developed to optimize processes in stockyard facilities. The requirements for modern systems range from the optimization of storage space to intelligent job management and ensuring a constant material blending throughout the entire blending process.

The FAM Smart Storage System has a modular design. The individual modules cover the various functions – the system can be easily adapted to any requirement.

The use of simulators for mineral processing systems is widespread, both for optimization studies and for the plant design. 

Our Smart Processing Plant Analysis Solution is the only simulation tool that can be applied to EVERY project phase and operational area of a plant.


The FAM "Smart Wagon Loading System" enables fully automatic wagon loading. The system supports both a system with intermediate hopper and a direct system without material intermediate storage. The direct system technology is space-saving and resource-efficient. The use of this technology reduces costs and is environmentally friendly. 

FAM Smart Wagon Loading System has a modular design, which allows configuration according to your requirements and requests.

The "Smart Wagon Unloading System" was developed to automate and monitor the process of train unloading.

The software is designed to be fully compatible with any unloading technology. Due to the flexible interfaces, the combination with different control and guidance systems is possible.


Loading or unloading ships with bulk materials is a technologically demanding task. Loading and unloading schedules must be strictly adhered to. Due to the limited visibility into the ship's interior, the risk of collision is high.

To solve these problems, FAM has developed various systems that simplify the control process for the operator.

Digital. Material. Handling.

Our digital products and services

Smart Bulk Material Handling
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