Smart. Wagon. Unloading.

Smart Wagon Unloading Systems

The FAM "Smart Wagon Unloading System" provides a system for planning and monitoring of train unloading process. The system is used to control and manage the orders. The control of the unloading unit is realized in a separate control system. 

The FAM "Smart Wagon Unloading System" is completely scalable and offers a wide range of functions. They range from monitoring of the unloading and number recognition to automatic control of the wagon movement by means of a "shunting device" or positioner.

Key Technologies

Camera-based Wagon Number Recognition

With this system, the unique number of a rail wagon is automatically read in. If the numbers are not legible, a panoramic image of the wagon is taken, and the data record can be corrected manually. Due to the unique wagon identification, each order can be accurately documented.

Automatic Control of the Wagon Positioning

The control of the shunting device for wagon positioning is realized by a flexible interface. This technology makes it possible to combine the FAM "Smart Wagon Loading System" with shunting equipment from different suppliers. The system calculates the next target position based on the measured values, compares it with the current position and sends corresponding control commands to the shunting device.

Scalable Control Software

The control software is the interface between the operator and the system. The status of the individual components as well as the overall system is displayed in structured overviews. The software provides tools for job management and control. The design of the displays and overviews is flexible and can be adapted to the customer requirements. The software has an internal database and report generation function. The FAM "Smart Wagon Loading System" can be easily integrated into the FAM IoT platform.

Smart. Wagon. Unloading.

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