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Smart Processing Plant

The use of simulators for mineral processing systems is becoming widespread, both in optimization studies and plant design. This is especially the case for crushing and screening circuits, since their corresponding processing steps can be represented in the reliable and accurate models.

In such a circuit, the complex interaction and variation in performance of the various units involved makes it difficult to predict overall system performance, especially if different operating modes are present. With our solution, by using the internal sensitivity analysis tools and optimization algorithms, such complex interactions can be investigated in a timely manner.

How it works?

Our Smart processing plant analysis solution is the only simulation tool that can be applied to all stages of a project and areas of plant operation, since it is a stochastic and dynamic modelling and simulation system for crushing, screening and classification circuits, built with modern population balance mathematical models of crushing and with model calibration routines that use artificial intelligence techniques.

From an initial assessment of the production process and data from samplings, a model of the processing plant is built with blocks. Next, Plant Performance Maps (PPMs) are generated, that show the main cost-effective strategies to optimize the analyzed circuit, and thus reducing production fluctuations, losses, inventories and power draw.

From the optimized process model, it is possible to evaluate the need for other necessary changes in the system. With the solid foundation provided by optimal production strategies and PPMs, the company can evaluate and decide on possible changes regarding equipment or other adjustments in a much more assertive way.

Furthermore, the FAM IoT automation package enables online monitoring and control of the entire plant, so that various strategies can be implemented quickly and easily.

Your Benefits

  • establish best plant-suited operating and automatic control strategies/parameters
  • outline of design-to-fit, low-cost revamp strategies
  • maximize the production of the most requested size fractions for downstream processes
  • determination of the production capacity at each operating mode
  • obtaining the maximum reduction ratio of the circuit
  • reduction of production fluctuations
  • reduction of power requirements
  • minimization of inventories

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