Better. Smart. Mining.

Smart Mining

The growing international demand for raw materials, combined with the limited availability of high-concentrated industrial minerals, is one of the main challenges in the mining sector. To meet this demand, production efficiency must be significantly increased.

By using FAM Advanced Automation and IoT 4.0 technologies in the machines, both part automation and full automation of the production processes is achievable. Which means increase in productivity and allows the transition to unmanned operation.

Key Technologies

Advanced Process Automation

Due to the use of additional sensor technology and the expansion of the control logic it is possible to significantly increase the functional range of the machine. The implementation of partial automations, collision protection functions as well as extended measuring technology relieves the operator and increases productivity.

GPS-based Positioning

Position monitoring by means of GPS brings several advantages. 
For example, GPS-based positioning allows to optimize the extraction or to define the extraction areas of the raw materials very precisely. Use of terrestrial base stations allows machine positioning with centimeter accuracy.

Laser Scanner based Transfer Point Alignment

As a rule, several machines are being used for the material handling in opencast mining. When moving the machines, the alignment of the transfer points must be also adjusted. With our laser scanner-based technology it is possible to organize automatic alignment, so that one machine follows another fully automatically. With this technology, time for repositioning and personnel deployment can be minimized.

Digital Interface for FAM IoT Platform

The integration of opencast equipment into the FAM IoT platform enables our customers to use the full scope of our digital services. The FAM IoT platform includes many applications that can be configured and modified for any requirement. 
The main services are:

  • remote maintenance
  • predictive maintenance
  • digital process data-archive
  • digital process data analysis
  • and much more

Better. Smart. Mining.

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