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Smart Harbour: Ship Loading and Unloading

Reliable and efficient loading and unloading of ships is crucial for successful bulk material handling and effective terminal operation. The laytime of ships in ports is very cost-intensive. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce time for loading or unloading as much as possible. It must be also considered that the requirements for safety and availability of port facilities are very high. 

With systems for partial automation of our equipment, FAM offers specifical solutions tailored to the requirements in order to optimally support the operator during job processing.

Key Technologies

Sensor-based Collision Protection Systems

Collision protection between port equipment and a ship is particular challenging, because a ship is always in motion even at the quay wall. Additionally, the geometric dimensions of the bunkers are individual for each ship. Our collision avoidance systems are based on different technologies. We first examine and evaluate the requirements and then combine our solutions to achieve the best result.

Semi-Automatic Ship Unloading 

Manual ship unloading requires constant attention from the operator. The interior of the bunker is often difficult to see and the lighting conditions are poor. With our semi-automatic system, machine movement sequences and end positions can be taught in and repeated. In this way, part of the bunker filling can be unloaded automatically without operator intervention.

Smart. Harbour. Solutions.

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