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Smart Stockyard Management 4.0

Through the use of modern technologies, bulk material stockyards continue to develop from purely intermediate storage to an integral part of the actual process. And in this process, a wide variety of technological requirements is being involved. 

The FAM Smart Storage System was developed to integrate the new functions into the control systems. The system has a modular design and can be adapted to any specific application.

The basis of the system is the virtual 3D stockpile model. It can also be referred to as the digital twin of the stockpile. All process-relevant data are stored in this model. With this model it is possible to simulate different scenarios or to compile historical data of the stockpile changes.  

By connecting with laser or radar sensors, the stockpile can be measured and the stockpile model can be compared with reality. Flexible interfaces allow integration of the stockpile equipment as a digital twin.

Overview of the System Modules

Virtual 3D Stockpile Model

The 3D stockpile model forms the core of the Smart Storage System. All process-relevant information is stored and processed in the specially developed data structure. The internal structure and functions are precisely adapted to the system requirements – this ensures that the FAM Smart Storage System offers optimum performance for every application.

Simulation of Stockpile Loading and Unloading

To plan future stockpile loading and unloading orders, it is very helpful to predict the future state of the stockpile. The order simulation module was developed for this purpose. The simulation process is not only limited to stockpile geometry, it also allows to check blending processes and other scheduled sequences of job processing virtually.

3D Stockpile Visualization

The 3D stockpile visualization module makes it possible to represent the complete stockpile including the equipment positions as an overview. Special zoom functions allow to examine individual areas in detail. With the help of this tool, the operator always has an overview of the complete stockpile and is able to optimally plan future job orders.

With the 2D section view, any section through a stockpile can be visualized including individual material layers. This function is especially helpful for material blending processes. Thus, the blending ratio of the separate material layers can be determined over the complete order runtime.

Job Order Planning Module 

Forward-looking order planning is essential for the optimal operation of a stockyard. To support the operator in this complex task, the order planning module has been integrated in the system.

This software optimizes the time sequence and stockpile areas according to the individual jobs. Additionally, the module has algorithms for plausibility checks of the order lists. All data can be clearly summarized and displayed in tabular form or as a graphical visualization.

Job Processing and Monitoring Module

A virtually planned order must be transferred to the control systems of the stockyard machines for real processing. For the monitoring and evaluation of the order processing, it is necessary to read in the process data from the stockyard machines. This data exchange is realized by the job processing module. The module transforms the process data into the required formats and acts as an interface between the control systems and the stockyard equipment. The flexible structure of the interfaces enables the integration of all common control systems.

Material Blending Module

For the operation of material blending beds the FAM Smart Storage System has a separate module, that covers all the special requirements. This software module includes all the necessary functions to operate blending bed effectively – from managing raw materials to recipe management and layer planning. Recipes can be created manually or automatically and are supported by graphical editors. The planning of the material layer sequences and thus the degree of homogenization is also done with the help of a graphical editor.


Anti-Collision Module

Modern bulk material stockyards have collision avoidance system operating on different levels. The FAM Smart Storage System offers a module for collision avoidance on a virtual level. The module calculates possible collisions based on the current data of the stockpile geometry and positions of the stockpile equipment and is able to warn the operator or even stop the processing of the orders.

Another advantage is the possibility to determine the collision risks during a simulation, ahead of the order processing.

Module Integration in FAM IoT Platform

The integration of the Smart Storage System the FAM IoT platform allows our customers to use the full scope of our digital services. The FAM IoT platform includes many applications that can be configured and modified for any requirement.

Further special applications for coupling with the Smart Storage System can be planned and implemented precisely in accordance with your requirements and specifications.

Your Benefits

  • intelligent planning, management and monitoring of loading and unloading processes of the stockpile resources 
  • optimal preparation of material blending processes
  • recipe management for the compilation of various end products from different raw materials 
  • guaranteed material mixtures according to the requirements
  • enabling reliable statements on quality, material types, delivery date, storage time, and storage space capacities for stockpile management
  • guaranteed collision protection during simultaneous use of several stockpile machines
  • optimized storage space utilization
  • minimization of wear and tear and energy consumption by adjusting the conveyor speed according to the stockpile utilization
  • minimization of downtimes and standstill periods during stockpile management
  • increasing competitiveness and added value

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