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Intelligent Material Handling Control

All our digital technologies in the field of bulk material handling have the common goal: increasing material throughput and maximizing plant availability. The range of functions extends from intelligent route planning and material tracking to autonomous plant monitoring. 

By combining our various packages, we can also develop and implement solutions tailored to your plant.

Key Technologies

Advanced Process Automation

By using modern monitoring technologies, process monitoring can be optimized and even partially automated. New contactless technologies for belt assignment measuring or quality measuring by process recirculation and a control loop can ensure the consistent quality of the conveyed material.

Control and Monitoring Systems

Transport systems control can be ensured either by integrating the control system into existing process control system or, for special requirements, into specially developed FAM software systems. Our HMI systems are clearly structured, intuitive and individually scalable.

Systems for Intelligent Route Planning

Modern transportation systems have redundant routes in many applications. With these systems, in case of component failure, any bulk dividing point can be connected to any destination point via alternate routes. The special tool was developed to optimize route planning and find the optimal route for each scenario while influencing other processes as less as possible.

Real Time Material Tracking System

The intelligent material tracking system is a FAM software product for virtual simulation of the material flow. This tool allows to change the route planning or material blending without the entire plant to be emptied. 

Especially for larger plants with longer transport routes the time savings could be significant. This tool is fully integrated into our HMI systems, but can also be integrated into other control systems via flexible interface.

Transport. Smart. Control.

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