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The supply of primary raw materials to industry and agriculture is of particular importance for every country’s economy. The technological lines relevant for extraction, handling and processing are usually working 24/7.

However, despite clever design, engineering developed for decades of operation, maintenance and repair – sooner or later the time comes when the machines and systems need to be reconstructed and modernized.

Especially in the field of electrotechnical equipment we can see an overwhelming amount of very rapid changes. 
And especially electrical and communication equipment are subject - apart from the usual signs of wear and tear - to so-called "moral wear and tear". New sensor technology, new drive concepts, new measuring principles and technologies also find their use in the conveying systems. Nowadays it is also hard to avoid the discontinuation of "outdated" components or software versions from sub-suppliers, which frequently leads to the risk of loss of effectivity and sustainability in system operation.

We make your existing plant fit for the future.

The FAM specialists examine the current state of the plant and evaluate the possibilities of upgrading it with additional sensors and modern drive technology. This method allows the integration of the existing plants into our modern automation concepts.

Our Solutions in Detail

Modernization of Drive Technology

Modern drives are a crucial component for increasing availability. FAM is the right choice when it comes to comparing different drive concepts and configuring them according to your requirements.

Modernization and Expansion of Sensor Technology

The basis for any automation is the acquisition of all process-relevant measurements. For this purpose, it is essential to equip the machines with modern sensor technology. The FAM specialists will be glad to help you and analyze the process requirements of your equipment, select the appropriate sensor technology and re-equip the machines.

Modernization of Control Technology

The core of every automation solution is the control technology. Out-of-date control systems do not have the performance or necessary interfaces to meet the requirements of modern digital applications. FAM has extensive experience in dealing with a big variety of different control systems. Be sure, we will also find the optimal solution for your plant.  

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