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Digital Engineering

Digital transformation is currently shaping the world. Processes, products and services are being fundamentally re-sorted and given a new dimension through the massive use of software technologies.

FAM is an agile, modern and internationally established company that deals with the continuous use of digital methods and tools not only in everyday business, but is also able to offer core competencies in bulk material handling and system know-how on a qualitatively new level.

Our Portfolio

DEM Simulations

The development of material flow-optimized plants and equipment without the use of particle simulations is nowadays hardly imaginable in bulk material technology. First the analysis of the three-dimensional, dynamic material flow course in different operating conditions, and the evaluation of the influence of constructive measures makes it possible to improve the efficiency and the emissions, for example of the material transfer points.


FEM Simulations

The Finite Element Method is a multifunctional calculation method used in numerous fields of plant and equipment development and optimization. Exemplary for this is the stress determination in components and structures as well as the determination of load-dependent deformations.

We contribute our extensive know-how to examine your system for load-critical conditions resulting, for example, due to increasing conveying capacity or reconstruction measures, and to derive suitable measures.


Analysis of Belt Conveyor Systems

Today, system simulation is the standard tool in many industries for the development, design and analysis of complex machines and systems. A wide variety of aspects can be examined on a model for belt conveyors, from the loads on the conveyor belt, the pulleys or the drive to the check of the control system. It does not matter whether the system is new or an existing plant that is to be upgraded or modernized.

Feasibility Studies

As a globally active manufacturer of opencast mining systems and equipment, FAM Group also prepares a wide range of feasibility studies for the planned projects.

Within these feasibility studies, possible solutions for an optimal project realization in relation to costs and technology applied are considered, analyzed and evaluated.


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