Finite. Elements. Method.

FEM Simulations

Why FEM simulations?

The Finite Element Method is a multifunctional calculation method used in numerous fields of plant and equipment development and optimization. Exemplary is the stress determination in components and structures as well as the determination of load-dependent deformations.

FEM is also a tool for analysing the modal vibration behaviour. Either excitations from wind or process loads, especially in large self-supporting frameworks, the low natural frequencies can cause the system to oscillate and thus lead to the critical dynamic stresses. The FEM offers the possibility to identify critical frequency ranges and to analyse measures to detune the system and so avoid upswing.

Application Areas

  • feasibility studies
  • analysis of load-critical components and structures regarding resulting stress and deformation
  • modal analysis of components and structures regarding resulting critical natural frequencies

Our Solution

As an international equipment manufacturer with a long tradition, the FAM Group has extensive experience in the structural analysis of frameworks with help of the FEM. 

We contribute our extensive know-how to examine your system for load-critical conditions resulting, for example, due to increasing conveying capacity or reconstruction measures, and to derive suitable measures.


In Coordination with us You will receive:

  • a detailed report of the analysis and suggestion for measures
  • image and video material as an illustration

Your Benefits

  • more safety for increasing the conveying capacity
  • more safety by constructive adjustments to your plant or equipment
  • more safety in the vibration behavior of the system


Analysis and then? We are glad to offer you a complete solution, from analysis, basic and detailed engineering to manufacturing, delivery, installation and service.

Finite. Elements. Method.

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