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DEM Simulations

Why DEM Simulations?

The development of material flow-optimized plants and equipment without the use of particle simulations is nowadays hardly imaginable in bulk material technology. First the analysis of the three-dimensional, dynamic material flow course in different operating conditions, and the evaluation of the influence of constructive measures makes it possible to improve the efficiency and the emissions, for example of the material transfer points.

Application Areas

  • feasibility studies
  • different transfer points within the conveying lines, such as feeding chutes and transfer chutes with and without flaps
  • analysis of material flow characteristics, velocity distribution, mass and volume flows
  • analysis of process-critical points to reduce caking/deposits, dust formation or wear behavior
  • analysis of blending and classifying processes and material flow dividers

Our Solution

As an international equipment manufacturer with a long tradition, the FAM Group has excellent experience and engineering knowledge in material flow and system behavior. Using the discrete Element Method, we simulate the material flow for your specific plant and bulk material. 

If the material parameters are not known, we will determine them. We develop constructive measures to improve the material flow behavior and thus minimize wear and material accumulation.

In Coordination with us You will receive:

  • a detailed analysis report with optimization potentials of the material guiding
  • clear picture and video material of the 3D simulations
  • the simulated mass flows and, if required, process forces for optimal utilization of your plant or equipment

Your Benefits 

  • more security against blockages in transfer points, e.g. by planning of throughput increases
  • detection of wear-critical points to increase service life 
  • creation of a steady material flow to reduce dust generation and material emissions
  • more reliability in the implementation of constructive measures, e.g. to reduce dynamic resistances in the material transfer, which at the same time reduces damages of the conveyed material


Furthermore, we offer you a complete solution, from analysis, basic and detailed engineering to manufacturing, delivery, installation and service.

Optimize. With. DEM.

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