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Belt Conveyor Analysis

Why the Dynamic Analysis of Belt Conveyors?

The analysis of belt conveyors is necessary to determine the loads on the conveyor belt, belt pulleys or drive. It is irrelevant whether it is an existing plant that must be upgraded or modernized, or a new one. 

The analysis of the belt conveyors can be carried out with analytical or numerical calculation methods, whereby the latter brings advantages in a more detailed consideration of critical, dynamic operating points of the entire belt conveyor system.

Application Areas

  • feasibility studies
  • planning of new belt conveyors
  • system analysis for reconstruction measures of existing belt conveyors
  • system analysis before performance increases of existing belt conveyors

Our Solution

As an international equipment manufacturer with a long tradition, the FAM Group has excellent knowledge in the static and dynamic calculation of belt conveyors. This extensive wealth of experience flows into the numerical simulation of your belt conveyor in order to analyze the loads depending on the selected drive and control concepts or constructive measures at different operating points.

In Coordination with us You will receive:

  • a detailed analysis report of the critical loads, drive capacity of your individual belt conveyor and, if necessary, design optimization potentials

Your Benefits 

  • deeper understanding of the dynamic behavior of the belt conveyor
  • more safety in the selection of conveyor belts
  • more certainty in the drive capability of the drive pulley or by the choice of lagging
  • more safety in the selection of drive concepts
  • more safety in the selection of optimization measures for energy efficiency


Do you want everything from a single source? No problem! We offer you a complete solution from analysis, basic and detailed engineering to production, delivery and installation, including service.

Analysis. Means. Safety.

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