Particular. Honest. Enthusiastic.

FAM Corporate Culture – The Guiding Principles of the FAM Group

FAM values sustainability, integrity, quality, transparency and fairness. We strive for sincere and cooperative relationships with our suppliers, customers, partners and employees. Additionally, we excel through a collaborative leadership style respecting the personal dignity, privacy and rights of each individual.

Our commitment to quality is paramount for the company’s sustainability. The FAM Group has been certified to the highest Quality Standards and maintains these certifications through continuous improvement of our internal business structures and processes and a rigorous Quality Management System.

FAM is committed to the betterment of the environment and makes it a priority to use the expertise and resources at our disposal efficiently and environmentally friendly.

Declaration of Principles of the Management Board

As a medium-sized company, we consider it to be one of our most important obligations to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers fast, flexibly and with exceptional quality. Satisfied customers are a prerequisite for the strategical securing and expansion of our position on the global market.

Our main task is it to fulfil the wishes of our customers profitably for them and for us. We continuously explore the market and strive to discover and exploit opportunities regarding new products, services, and business areas.

At the same time, we are committed to our corporate responsibility in the areas of work safety, health and environmental protection. We aspire to provide our employees with comprehensive protection against dangers and impairments in the work processes, as well as to ensure safety of third parties, local residents and traffic involved. It is also our declared aim to avoid any damages to property and the environment.

Company Policy

In order to achieve this goal, the following principles have been incorporated into the Company Policy:

  • Customer orientation
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Safety, health, environment
  • Process-driven approach
  • Efficiency and continuous improvement
  • Success
  • Team work.

FAM – a Team of Motivated Employees

Our employees play a crucial role in the realization of the Company Policy because they make an important contribution to the fulfillment of the corporate goals with dedication and competence.

Creative and qualified effort of all our employees ensures compliance with the highest safety standards in order to achieve at any time maximum performance and the best outcomes at a minimum expense.

Only together we can succeed in generating of long-term profits that can be invested in the future of the Company and thus in our employees.

Company Philosophy

The Management Board of the FAM Group has developed the following corporate philosophy, which sets our main guidelines:

  • We are all committed to the success of FAM

  • We are the architects and the builders of FAM

  • We identify ourselves with FAM

  • We introduce new ideas and concepts for better results and cost reduction

  • We monitor our own performance and quality and bear the responsibility for it

  • We ensure a safe and healthy work environment

  • We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction

Safety, Health and Environmental Protection

The following principles on safety, health and environmental protection, to which compliance the Company has committed itself, form the foundation of all our work activities.

  • Occupational safety within the Company, health protection of our employees, protection of third parties involved and environmental protection, along with customer-oriented mindset and achievement of outstanding business results are of highest priority for us.
  • By continuously defining quantifiable corporate goals, planning their realization and monitoring their implementation, we ensure targeted development of the Company and sustained improvement of our performance in occupational safety, health and environmental protection.
  • With due regard of the national and international laws, standards and technical regulations, we guarantee product and work safety under specific operating conditions both in the Company and at our customer locations, and we spare no effort to prevent any personal injuries, as well as material or environmental damage.
  • In terms of customer and market orientation, the Company makes sure that the hazards and risks, which can affect the quality of the products / services, are identified and taken into account.


  • The Management Board ensures that the ability to determine and enhance customer satisfaction is used as a potential for the Company's sustainable, successful development.
  • We regularly evaluate our performance in occupational safety, health care and environmental protection through the targeted assessment of accidents, illnesses and dangerous situations. We take all measures required to further enhance safety in our company.
  • We continuously identify our risks and opportunities in all areas of the Company. After assessing the hazards, appropriate actions are taken in order to avoid or minimize these risks. We exploit the opportunities identified to improve our processes, to increase operating profits and to further develop our work and health management system.
  • We provide all means necessary to minimize the impact of possible accidents or emergencies on the health and integrity of our own employees, the community and the general public.
  • We motivate our employees to participate in the realization of our corporate policy as partners. Our people are comprehensively trained in order to actively contribute to the continuous betterment of occupational safety, health care and environmental protection through their competence and sense of responsibility.


FAM manages business resources-efficiently, environmentally friendly and responsibly. We are conscious of such global problems as climate change, water shortages, deforestation, or endangered biodiversity, and consider these challenges in designs for our customers for the betterment of the environment.

Our top priority goals are to contribute to a sustainable environment, and to efficiently use the resources at our disposal. Through the management leadership and employee dedication, FAM strives to run business in an environmentally and socially conscious way and to minimize our ecological footprint. Beginning at the product development stage, we set high standards aimed at ensuring eco-friendly solutions, technical reliability, and a safe and healthy working environment.

FAM – Particular. Honest. Enthusiastic.