FAM Social Media Guidelines


as of: January 2022

Why social media principles?

Social media such as blogs, wiki and social networks are changing the way we communicate with each other. Characteristic forthe modern social media is:

  • practically anyone can create and publish content, ask questions, share knowledge, and express opinions
  • this content can be perceived, commented and shared by a large and largely unknown audience
  • by linking, a complicated network of content and people is created


And this is one of the biggest strengths of social media. At the same time, all those who express themselves on social media about different topics, about themselves and others, should be aware that in extreme cases their statements can be found and are available worldwide and for an unlimited period of time. Our principles are intended to raise this awareness.

Due to the ever-increasing importance of social media and the growing number of players both within the company and around the FAM Group, the FAM Marketing Team has established the following principles. The aim of these principles is to protect your own good reputation as well as the good reputation of FAM.

These guidelinesare aimed at FAM Group employees who write own blog posts or are active in social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. on behalf of the company. At the same time, these regulations should also be observed in the personal social media activities of FAM employees.

General Principles

Follow the FAM values

  • always express your opinion or ideas in a respectful manner
  • do not distribute distasteful or offensive content
  • treat links to other webpages very sensitively – the reference to another website can be understood as your endorsement of this content
  • do not slander, attack or insult anyone, including competitors


Stay authentic and transparent

  • In the modernonline world, it is difficult to lay down certain limits between private and professional. It is possible that your personal opinion could be misunderstood and associated with FAM.
  • When writing blog articles or participate in online discussions related to FAM, it is important that you are always aware that you are representing our company.
  • Please note that official communications to the public, journalists, bloggers and in the media on behalf of FAM Group occurs exclusively through the FAM management, press office staff and marketing team or other personsauthorized by FAM.
  • If you notice any negative posts about FAM product, servicesor activity, please forward this information to the FAM marketing team. In this way, we can react accordingly and continue to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.


Protection of confidential information and relationships

Online posts and conversations are not private. You must always be aware that any post is available for a long period of time and can be further communicated.

Internet records everything and forgets nothing.

For this reason:

  • Avoid making any comments about others – including customers, service providers and colleagues – unless they have given you clear permission to do so and those comments have been approved by FAM Management or Marketing.
  • The Internet is not a legal vacuum. Do not distribute photos or videos of others without their permission (preferably in writing) or without the appropriate copyright information.
  • Never communicate proprietary FAM information such as sales data and plans, company financial information, strategies, details of new, unpublished technologies – simply any information classified as confidential. Internal must remain internal!
  • All general rules of conduct apply to communication in social media, e.g., those arising from employment law, contractual confidentiality obligations, the Code of Conduct and other internal rules and guidelines.
  • Please note: The content you publish can be read, commented and shared by a large and largely unknown audience.
  • You are personally responsible for your statements and behavior on social media.


Facts only

  • Never make unsubstantiated allegations about features, performance or pricing when engaging in discussions related to FAM or our products. 
  • If a response or comment is required, first check the facts from the reliable published sources, such as the FAM homepage. Since things can change, always make sure your information is still up to date.


Stay calm

  • An important goal of social media is to engage in direct dialog. But not everyone always shares your opinion. That's why it is important to act calmly, even if you encounter opposing views.
  • Explain the facts in a clear and logical way.
  • Do not get involved in conflicts.
  • Sometimes it is better to simply leave a statement uncommented to avoid further attention.


Protection of personal information

  • This may sound strange, since many webpages serve the purpose of sharing your own information with others. Nevertheless, criminals can use information from various sites to imitate your profile or of someone you know,or to reset passwords.
  • Also important – you should not report on your travels in real time via social media, because criminals could exploit this information.
  • Always be careful when publishing information about yourself or others!


Modern social media communication is growing at an incredible pace. FAM is one of the companies that successfully interacts in this area. The ability to communicate online with customers, potential customers, partners and other global players is a critical part of our company's brand strategy.

By establishing these Guidelines that each employee complies with, FAM can ensure the achievement of business goals while maintaining the personal privacy of social media participants.

The FAM principles summarized:

1. Stay transparent and write in the first person.

2. Write posts that are useful and conducive to the company.

3. Please consider carefully about what you want to disclose on the Internet.

4. Do not disclose trade or business secrets.

5. Always check copyrights of images, photos, texts, videos, etc.you are using.

6. If you publish pictures of people, always ask if they agree.

7. Respect the opinion of others and discuss in an objective and professional manner. Remain calm during intense discussions and do not write in the heat of the moment.

8. Do not offend competitors of FAM, or their products or services.

9. If you want to criticize our company, please express it internally first. This way, the responsible departments will be able to deal with the matters directly.

10. If you see negative posts about FAM on the web, please forward this information to the FAM Marketing Team.